Michał Konrad (birth name Michał Smuda) Polish photographer born in 1983, living in Wodzisław Slaski. From an early age, interested in visual art. The main subject of his photography is man. In his work he concentrates primarily on the psychological sphere. It shows how a person perceives the environment in the modern world and how the environment affects him. His visions often have a surreal character, balancing on the border of dream and imagination. His photographs are self-portraits. His photographs were presented at individual and collective exhibitions. They have been published in Polish and foreign magazines, the most important of which are: Pokochajfotografie, Kwartalnik literacki Szafa, Seventres, Dodho, Scopio Network, DpiMag, Visionary, F-stop, Monovisions, Black, LoosenArt. In 2017 he was selected as one of the twenty most talented emerging Polish photographers. According to the project Debuts and doc! magazine.

Since 2016, I have been taking self-portraits. With the help of the image, I realize my thoughts that create short stories. A very important role in my photographs is played by space, thanks to which a person assumes a minimalist form. My photographs are on the verge of realism and surrealism. I very often use absurd as a form of communication. My series of photographs consist of suggestive images, the aim of which is to create associations. They are often expressive photographs that have a strong impact on the imagination.

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